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Rules and Regulation

DO :-
Camp Routine, Camp Discipline, Camp Safety and Security , Camp Etiquettes are all inter-linked for a happy and enjoyable way of life in the lap of raw nature.
-Maintain the peace of the place *
-No smoking inside the tents*
-First and foremost consciously contribute to the well being of nature.
-Spend maximum time in the lap of nature rather than in your tent.
-Rise early - it may be uncomfortable but the rewards are phenomenal.
-Respect and explore the rich bio-diversity of the area.
-Be inquisitive about the flora and fauna of the area.
-Listen to your guides and do abide by their instructions.
-Plant trees to help in regeneration of the forest through the 'Smriti Van' scheme.
-Contribute liberally towards the upliftment of the local High School of Village Kachat
-Participate actively in group activities - respect your co-campers - this is a good place for net-working.
-Eat lots of food and drink lots of water - keep your energy levels up.
-Eat and make merry together - room service only in an emergency.
-Medical problems? Inform us immediately.
-When on an outing, be constantly with the group - there is safety in numbers.
-Be appropriately and comfortably dressed especially wear sports shoes
-Respect locals, their customs, traditions and culture.

No TV connections - We want to keep you away from the humdrum of life and its stresses. Tune in to nature instead - nature is an unlimited and unending 'broadcasting station'.
Zero damage to trees and plants. No collecting of cuttings / seeds / roots without permission.
DO NOT carve initials / love messages on trees - they will bleed to death if you do.
Don't throw litter anywhere other than the authorized waste bins.
Do not venture beyond existing paths/trails. Never venture out - even a few metres alone - 'buddy system' is a time-tested method of ensuring personal safety.
Don't attempt to light fires around- leave that to the Camp Staff. Ensure no kind of open fire like candles, agarbatties, bonfire etc. are left unattended.
No use of Poly Bags.
Not to feed animals - they are more capable of looking after themselves. Himachal Pradesh prohibits feeding monkeys in particular.
Do not waste water. Make sure taps are closed after use.
Adhere to the 'Lights Off' timings - get in a good sound sleep for the morrow has more energetic fun on the agenda.